Early August Wine Reads

All you need to stay informed is Google and a glass of wine!

It’s true, “what I’m reading posts” are some of the easiest blog posts to put together and have been around since blogs were first created. But the combination of helping people discover new things and be more informed about what’s happening in the wine world, is what It’s Wine By Me is all about.

Besides, when friends ask me, ‘How do you know so much about wine,’ it all comes back to poking around the Internet and staying on top of what others are reporting. So, here’s what’s currently crossing my radar.

Harvest News

While California celebrates the start of Harvest 2022, more worrisome eyes are focused on the wildfires south of Bordeaux.

Women in Wine

Remember the Instagram uproar over D.C.’s women in wine? Some local publications took notice, too. Plus, some additional headlines worthy of your attention.

How Leading Sommelier Heidi Turzyn Helped Change the Dialogue on Women in Wine | Maxim

So Maxim Magazine – the publication known for publishing provacative photos of models and celebrities – posted a piece that doesn’t seem quite right for its demographic. But I’m glad they did.

If someone told me they were publishing a piece on women sommeliers – I would have expected something much different, if not the opposite of what it did.

The story actually tackles the sexism that wine professionals like Heidi face, rather than glorifying them. So I’m posting it here, in hopes of giving it a wider audience. As I suspect, the many women who would also be interested in this piece, may not ever find it. If it hadn’t been for this tweet, I never would have.

Read the story here:  How Leading Sommelier Heidi Turzyn Helped Change the Dialogue on Women in Wine | Maxim