About Alicia & It’s Wine By Me

When I first created this website, it was meant to be a way to experiment with all this wonderful wine content I was finding and connecting with online. I wanted to share all the excitement with anyone who would read or listen!

(photo by DJ Corey Photography)

So I named it: It’s Wine By Me.  The name resonated for two reasons: First, it was a fun take off on “It’s fine by me,” a nonchalant phrase that seemed appropriate since wine can be everything from an extremely serious topic to something that brings immense goofy pleasure. When it comes to my personal view, all of it is important to the conversation, so it’s all fine by me. Second, as a journalist who spent more than 20 years in the newsrooms of The Washington Post and National Public Radio, the “by me” part of the title is my small salute (tribute?) to the traditional byline.

Now, several years after its creation, It’s Wine By Me has helped me establish myself as a wine writer (not just a crazed enthusiast – although some could still argue that). I’ve since received the WSET-2 award (with distinction) and was a 2016 fellow at the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers in Napa Valley. I’ve written about wine for NPR and the Napa Valley Wine Academy, but It’s Wine By Me remains my home.

I’m excited to continue my studies and and find ways to blend my professional interests (writing, editing and digital strategy) with the wine world.

Talk about wine with me on Twitter: @itswinebyme or Instagram: @alicyp.