Drought Brings Soul Searching to California Winemaking

While it’s fun to watch what winemakers are saying on social media about the state of this year’s harvest, I was happy to stumble on this well-reported story by Eric Asimov of The New York Times. If you’ve become almost as obsessive on this topic as I have, it’s a must read:

The drought may have turned all of California into a pitiless desert in the popular imagination, but a week in July spent visiting fine-wine regions all around the state painted a more nuanced picture.

From the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, to El Dorado in the Sierra Foothills, to Napa Valley and the Sonoma Coast, the drought, now in its fourth year, has affected every area differently. Some regions have been hard hit, like eastern Paso Robles on the Central Coast and the Central Valley, source of much of the grapes that go into cheap bulk wines. But other regions, like the North Coast, are bearing up well.

While individual estates may feel the pain of the drought keenly, the California wine industry has continued to prosper through it.

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Drought Brings Soul Searching to California Winemaking

Lessons of #Harvest2015 Told In Three Bunches

If you don’t follow Jasmine Hirsch on social media, then you missed a pretty spectacular Instagram post. I’ll let the caption and photos speak for themselves, but if you’re just as fascinated by the winemaking process as I am, this will be quite a treat: