#ImWithWine: Election Night Pairings


If Tuesday night promises to be as topsy-turvy and obscenity inducing as the entire 2016 election cycle has been, then you’re going to need something to drink to make it through a long night of news watching, punditry, state-by-state results and twitter streaming.

But while campaign season is known as the race to the White House, you’ll need to think of this night as a marathon –so hold off on the hard booze right now. Thankfully, wine promotes just the right amount of anxiety-reducing and calming effects to let you make it through
whatever may happen. Let’s be honest, we’re all in need of *something* to soothe our souls.

In a world of no-hangovers and no-limits, here’s how I might pair wines with election night. In reality, I’m just hoping to provide a little inspiration:

Start with something light, low alcoholic and slightly celebratory. It’s better to have some optimism at some point, than none at all. Consider a fun Pet-Nat. In my fridge, there’s a 2014 Cruse Sparkling Valdiguie that has just the right amount of fresh fizziness and bright red fruit.  With energy running through its spine, it’s lively and easy to drink.


If Pet Nats aren’t your thing – try a crisp dry white (I recently had a Lieu Dit Sauvignon Blanc which would work well). Bottom line: Now’s not the time to be too
serious with your wine. We’ve got a long night ahead of us!

When results start trickling in and your heart starts palpitating, grab your favorite red – it could
be anything that makes you happy – but seeing we’re unsure of where this night may go, I’d probably stick with something not too heavy. A favorite Pinot Noir or Rhone-style wine might do.

During the debates, I sipped a bottle of A Tribute to Grace Grenache. The combination of red berries and herbs warmed my soul despite the verbal jabs happening on the TV screen. At the very least, just knowingvyou’re drinking something with the word “grace” in the name may
psychologically bring about some calm.


If you want, take it a step further and open up a bottle of Hope & Grace Pinot Noir.
These California pinots consist of lush dark fruit and strong finishes. By this time in the evening, you can only hope with a little bit of grace, that your candidate will have a similar finish (see what I did there?).

For the next bottle, it’s time to get a bit more serious – especially if you don’t know when the final results may be called. If the night is getting rocky, the absolute perfect pairing would be Dirtyv& Rowdy’s Fred & Dora’s Vineyard Petite Sirah, but the 2014 is still too young and a very heavy decant is needed. Take a look at part of its description from the Dirty & Rowdy site, and you’ll see why it might be worth uncorking this on Monday and have it waiting:

“If you keep with it for few hours or visit on day two, the gentle
fruit begins to rise above the graphite and rocky sub-surface and you will discover that even gnarly soils have their lullabies.”  

Perhaps the same can be said about the aftermath of this election season?

Or, for something a little more accessible, seek out a bottle with some age on it so that the tertiary flavors and earthiness rise quickly to the palate. You’ll need those to help keep
you grounded, while the older vintage will help hearken back to happier times when election day didn’t quite feel like a doomsday event.

Recently, I tasted some 1990s Napa Cabernets that would work wonderfully: Both the Dunn and Corison are beautifully made wines and prove that power and finesse can live in harmony in a singleventity.

Finally, when the results are in, you have but two choices: Pop some Champagne to celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief, or now’s the time to reach for that hard booze – whatever it will take to  get you through the next four years will do!

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