What Wine Brings To My Life

It’s a quiet Sunday morning and as I settled into the corner of my couch with a big cup of coffee getting ready to read a new book, a flood of thoughts came rushing forward about all the things wine is bringing into my life. I started jotting a few down and the list kept growing, so here they are. While some of the items are obvious and what wine is meant to do, you’ll see it goes much deeper than that:

  • it provides cerebral, intelligent and hedonistic pleasure
  • it takes away stress and quiets some nerves
  • it awakens my senses 
  • it’s bringing wonderful new friends to my world
  • it’s introducing me to some fascinating and inspiring people
  • it’s a stunning reminder of the beauty of nature
  • it’s teaching me how to pay attention to tiny complexities and nuances
  • it’s encouraging me to read (for fun) again
  • it’s encouraging me to write again
  • it’s encouraging me to seek a happier path
  • it’s a constant reminder how much fun it is to be passionate about something
  • it provides moments of pure happiness
  • it’s teaching me about the importance of our environment
  • it’s a reminder that science can be very interesting
  • it’s teaching me new languages, and expanding my own vocabulary
  • it’s expanding my once very picky palate
  • it’s making me curious again
  • it’s helping me increase my self confidence and to trust my instincts
  • it’s perking up my ambitions
  • it’s showing me a future with a number of different paths, with a constant reminder how important it is to enjoy the present.


(image above by Viktor Hanacek via picjumbo)

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