Tour My Desk


“shh, THERE MIGHT BE WINE IN HERE” – a little snapshot of Alicia Cypress’ cubicle. She’s the Investigations team’s digital editor by day and blogs about wine by night @itswinebyme.

My wonderful day-job colleague who maintains the @mugsofnpr tumblr featured my most recent addition to my desk decor – although it’s frequently used for much-needed caffeine breaks, too! But if you’re curious about any of the other items in this picture, here’s a quick tour:

* On the left in is one of the Payday candy bars I was awarded at this year’s Wine Writer’s Symposium.

* Behind my now infamous mug, can you see the card with the grapes? It’s a hand-written thank-you note from a former intern, who understood my passion for wine.

* Below the shelf, I’ve decorated using postcards as art. That includes a few from Hope & Grace (an aha moment in my wine journey).

I’m trying not to let wine completely take over my desk, but when something makes you happy, having little reminders while crashing on deadlines can be incredibly helpful!

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