Meditating On Wine


There’s no question that wine (or any bit of alcohol) is a wonderful (although not always healthy) way to de-stress. But after spending 30 days with the Headspace app and learning the basics of how and why to meditate – as well as a new understanding on meditation’s effects on the brain – it’s a no-brainer (pun intended) to understand the similarities between a serious wine drinker sipping their favorite juice and a meditator taking a break from a busy day.

(And, no! I am not writing this as a justification to use wine instead of meditation – just showing the parallels – and *maybe* suggesting that in cooperation, the two practices could lead to *some* extra mental well-being.)*

A mindful practice means focusing on the present. To do that, you have to engage many of your senses – feeling, hearing, smelling – on what’s happening in That. Very. Moment. By doing so, your senses awaken, and in the case of what this app teaches – it lets you have a little more “headspace” so you can have a clearer, calmer and hopefully happier mind.

What I’ve realized is that drinking wine can do the exact same thing – even before the alcohol gets into the bloodstream and provides that temporary chemical escape:

  • Swirling – noticing the color and the weight of the wine.
  • Sniffing – inhaling the nuances of aromas that emanate from the glass.
  • Tasting – identifying the flavors and feeling for the acid and tannins that jump around your tongue.  

When you’re doing those things, you’re completely focused on something that’s only purpose is for pure enjoyment. There’s nothing else to think or fret about. It creates a peaceful mind, and with homage to Billy Joel, let’s you forget about life for a while. Ommmm.

*Disclaimer – I have absolutely no medical, health or wellness training. I’m just a girl, trying to put all the pieces together and find some happiness.

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