PSA: That Pesky Wine Key

I admit it, when it comes to using a wine key, I usually have to hand it off to someone else to finish.


(photo courtesy of

After much practice, I’m finally to that point where I can at least get half the cork out of the bottle before it breaks (sigh). The most important tip I’ve learned so far: Anchor the hinged arm and keep it there with your thumb (just like the photo above).

If only I had discovered this great step-by-step guide from the folks at The Kitchn blog sooner! So I’m posting it here for my own reference and as a public service announcement to those who fumble like me. 

The only piece of advice that’s not included in their guide: If you’re short like me, find a lower surface than a  kitchen counter (or a high-top bar) to stabilize the bottle.


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