Final Thoughts On WSET 2

About three months ago, I wrote down some immediate thoughts following the WSET 2 exam, and while I have known my results for the past two months and posted them on other social media outlets, I failed to do so here.

I wanted it to feel official, so I patiently waited for my certificate to arrive. And then I waited a little longer. But today I have no excuse to keep waiting. It’s really official: I passed. And not only did I pass, I did so with “distinction.” For some icing on the cake, I did much better than I expected: a 96 percent (which means I only missed two questions).

I realize that this is considered an easy course, and many folks (especially those in the industry) don’t even bother with it before jumping into level 3, but as a girl with a passing interest that turned into a passion, I’m really quite proud. And excited for where this journey will take me!



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