Some Online Wine Diversions

A combination of work projects, studying and diving into a book a friend recommended, has taken my attention away from obsessively monitoring twitter and other online news outlets for wine-specific features. But there are a few things that have caught my attention. I hope you’ll enjoy them, too!

  • 1FWA: That stands for “One (fill in the blank with an F word) Wine Adventure” – if you keep refreshing his site, you’ll see that your options for the F word include: foreign, French, frigging, fabulous, friendly, fancy, fine, festive, frivolous – and the list probably goes on (maybe this is the writer’s attempt at getting some additional pageviews – but it makes me smile). This morning he writes about the end of Burgundy’s harvest and includes a photo that illuminates the magic of the vineyards.
  • Over at Wine Folly, there’s a fun piece about the science of wine and your sex drive. I’ll just leave this link here, but let’s say there wasn’t much to disagree with.
  • And I’ve absolutely been loving the newish Brown Bag Wine series, where William Shatner interviews interesting characters (clowns, chefs, famous people, etc.) and asks them to describe and rate a wine in their own language. Here’s the latest episode:

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