Wine, California Style

Sometimes you just have to give in to the rabbit hole you fall down while surfing the Internet. And if it happens at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday after a holiday weekend and continues after lunch and into the afternoon, you just have to smile and be OK with that.

Today’s journey landed me at the website of WhitneyA  – a blogger, sommelier, online retailer, wine shop worker, educator, and I’m sure she wears several other hats that I haven’t discovered yet. She pairs a youthful California style with interesting wines in a very approachable and fun manner. Online it translates into some lovely eye candy.

As I try to figure out where I fit in the wine world (Is this just a hobby? Could it be something more? Am I on the cusp of a career change? Or is this just a passing fad?), she demonstrates the creativity I realize I’m lacking in my own discoveries.

I think that creativity shines best in this two-year-old short video series, she did in conjunction with food blogger Claire Thomas (I’ll have to explore her world another day). Here’s one of the dozen or so videos they created. Take note of her “tasting notes” prior to the written words that scrawl across the screen. It’s a subtle, yet very alluring way of capturing the flavors and properties of the wine. 


(And if you’re curious on how I went down this particular rabbit hole – here’s the journey: It started with this tweet. That led me to this feature; and more specifically this profile. I can’t tell you the aha moment that told me explore further into her website or why 20 pages of the blog later I’m still clicking. But that eventually led to an online store and ultimately to the video series.) 

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