Readings On Wine Study

Here are a few interesting stories that crossed my twitter feed this weekend:

* New York Women Make Marks as Masters of Wine: Lettie Teague writes about the three MWs living in New York City. She briefly makes mention to how difficult it is for women to be  taken seriously in the wine world – but except for some anecdotes, I wish Teague dove into that topic further. Some interesting facts from the story: All three women are over 40 and had previously high-paying careers unrelated to wine (This gives me hope that I’m not jumping in too late). A scarier realization is that most have spent $40,000 to $80,000 (mostly on wine and travel) just to receive their diplomas (This may put this dream a little more out of reach).

* Drinking At 1,300 FT: A 9/11 Story About Wine and Wisdom: This story is from 2011, but if I read it back then, it would not have had nearly the same impact nor would I have felt a personal connection and understanding. Aside from the fact that this writer was paid to go learn about wine, making me incredibly jealous, it’s his “ending” that he finally discovers (and which I can relate to), which gives him the ability to write the story nearly 10 years later. As we approach another 9/11 anniversary, it’s a good read – but this year, for me, the date gets to take on another meaning: On that Thursday, I start WSET classes. 

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