Realizations From A Blind Tasting


Two hours and 12 glasses of wine. A bit overwhelming, but amazing nonetheless. Here’s what I learned:

* I’m still a novice when it comes to understanding “acidity” and “minerality.”

* I was pretty good at identifying wines, except when age and an unfamiliar region came into play. Such a fun reminder that wine is a living, breathing organism so heavily impacted by where it came from. And an even better reminder that I need to taste more of those wines.

* Some of the sweeter wines grew on me. I generally prefer dry wines. But so long as it’s well balanced, the off-dry wines were very appealing.

* I’m better at identifying wines through mouthfeel, acidity, taste and how full or light bodied they are, rather than identifying the bouquet.

* I need to be attending more of these classes, so I’ve decided to sign up for WSET classes. I can’t wait!

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