Hi! There Will Be More To Come!

I’ve fallen into the hole that no writer wants to fall into: plans to write a million posts, without actually writing a million posts. So this is just a note to say, I haven’t forgotten the blog: I still have plans to talk about my Napa trip last December, as well as veer off wine for a split second to talk about some delicious wine country restaurant finds. There’s also the follow-up tasting to last year’s 21-vintage salute to Cathy Corison wines (this year, we tasted through her Kronos wines). Plus a handful of other ideas swirling in my head! But before all of these, I want to tell you about an interesting winery I heard about last night, as well as the group of women who planned the event. So as they say, please stay tuned…

p.s. don’t forget my Instagram and Delectable accounts are always a good place to keep tabs on what I’m up to or drinking! 

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