A ‘Cloudy’ Wine Sees Its Terroir Clearly

Not bad for a Tuesday evening: After work today, I dropped by a happy hour sponsored by Cloudy Bay, a New Zealand winery that’s focusing on producing wines from the Marlborough and Central Otago regions.

The event was short, so this post will be, too. 

We tried two Pinots: A 2011 from Marlborough; and the Te Wahi (also from 2011), which blends two vineyards from the southern most part of Central Otago. 

The Marlborough wine is a crowd pleaser. Lots of juicy red fruit with silky soft almost-non existent tannins. The Te Wahi was slightly darker, a bit more elegant with herbal notes and more expressive of its terroir (after all, its name translates to “of the place”).

I have very little experience with New Zealand wines, but if these are indicative of what can be produced from this land, I’ll be eager to seek out more. 

(Curious about Central Otago and other New Zealand wines? Wine writer Cathy Huyghe is writing about her recent journey over at Forbes.com)

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