Summing Up 2015 Wine News

I was very excited to pop in and write up a post about the biggest wine stories of the year. You know, all the updates to the Rudy Kurniawan fraud case, the designation of Burgundy and Champagne as World Heritage sites, the sale of Meiomi to Constellation for $315 million (while Kendall Jackson Family Wines bought up Siduri), and quite a few more, including the drought-fueled 2015 California Harvest.

But then I listened to the most recent episode of GuildSomm’s podcast.  Bay Grape’s Stevie Stacionis (who I met very briefly while visiting her store), Delectable’s Julia Weinberg (who I had a fun phone conversation with earlier this year) and Massican’s Dan Petroski (who I’ve never met, but he’s a friend of some friends – I think) had a 50-minute conversation with Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth.

Not only did they mention nearly EVERYTHING I wanted to write about – they include a few more and are fun to listen to! 

So, go… go now… and listen to their 2015 Year in Review

Twenty-fifteen was an important year in my wine growth, so I’ll come back later to recap that. In the meantime, cheers to a fabulous 2016 filled with exciting news, fun new trends to follow and ever-flowing bottles of happiness!  

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