A Little Update

A few housekeeping items:

* I officially bought the domain itswinebyme.com, so now instead of having to remember the full tumblr address… you can just enter itswinebyme.com and voila, you’re here.

* I was really hoping to come in and write a post about how to do visit wine country solo before I embark on another trip next week. About two years ago I had an incredibly successful journey and learned some tips I’d love to pass along to others thinking about taking a solo trip. It’s funny, the very idea for this post is what provided spark for this tumblr. Yet, I never officially wrote it. Whoops! If I don’t get in here again before Tuesday (I’m headed on a pre-vacation before my vacation), that post will just be filled with twice as many goodies from what I’ve learned on this upcoming trip.

* I’m going to SONOMA and NAPA in 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!! Only 4 days of my week in California is wine related, but I have a lot of great appointments lined up and still working on a few more. I’ll cross-post Instagrams here – but feel free to follow along or reach out to me via twitter

* And just to leave you hanging, I may have at least one piece of exciting news (at least it is for me), to share. It’s nothing too major, but just another notch in my wine journey. I’ll be sure to post once it’s actually happened.

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