Pretty — Not Kitschy — Wine Things

When you’re passionate about a topic, but also want to maintain your seriousness, it’s a bit hard to sometimes buy things that are related to the subject. You don’t want to come off too much like an equivalent of a crazy cat lady. In the wine world anything outside of a bottle of wine or its necessary accessories (and sometimes an insider-y t-shirt) can sometimes fall into that borderline kitschy, if not all the way kitschy, category.  But every now and then, something comes along and perks me up. Today was one of those days, thanks to grapefriend​.

Posts on tumblr, instagram and twitter directed me to their Olive & Poppy obsession.  And now, I think I’m obsessed, too.

For example, this tote-bag, includes an interior pocket to hold your wine upright and a key chain which Olive & Poppy suggests using as a “corkscrew keeper.” The site claims it’s “the perfect size to take to the farmer’s market or to stuff with cheese, bread and a blanket.” Yes, please.

But what I’ve really fallen in love with, are these terroir necklaces that include little oval plates with maps of some popular California terroirs. My favorite is the Sonoma/Carneros map, since Carneros was the first AVA my budding palate was able to quickly identify. And well, who doesn’t love Sonoma?

To see more from Olive and Poppy, whose entire line of products focuses on California wine country, check out their website. They even sell gift certificates, in case you know someone who might like to purchase something (hint, hint).

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