Fun (and Truth) with Wine Labels

I appreciate when a winemaker can be serious without being pretentious. And it’s even better when the bottle lives up to the promise on the label. While just an infant wine, the high acid, bursts of red fruit and evolution in the glass, made this

Sean Thackrey Pleiades XXIV Old Vines California Red Blend such a pleasure to drink last night:

The object of Pleiades Old Vines is to be delicious, delight the jaded, irritate the Wine Police, and generally go well with anything red wine goes well with. This twenty-fourth edition, bottled in April of 2015, includes Sangiovese, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Mourvedre, to name but a few. Fragrant and voluptuous when first released, it will become far more subtle and complex with age, as of course we will: but such restraint may just be too much to ask…

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