A Small Gush on a Springtime Rosé

I found springtime happiness on the wine list (at Range).

Over on the delectible app, I gave this a 9.4 and wrote: This 2014 was alive with so much flavor. A medium-long finish that kept popping different citrus flavors after tart strawberries. Loved this!

I haven’t gushed about a wine in a while (or maybe I have… but that 9.4 score is definitely on my high end of what I usually gvie for wines that I truly enjoy) and I rated it after we completed the bottle. So when I woke up this morning I wondered if my enthusiasm for this wine was really deserved? And I’m happy to say, it does!

This was one of those times where the exprience and surroundings while tasting the wine influenced everything about my interactions with it. Whether others agree if this could be the rosé of the season or not doesn’t matter: Drinking this wine on that night, sharing it with a friend who also drew pleasure from it, and eating some fabulous food all contributed to its deliciousness. Just the way every wine experience should be.


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