An Elixir That’s Still Present Even When I’m Not

When life gets in the way of wine, it’s comforting to know wine will still get me through. That’s my corny poetic way of saying that I’ve neglected this tumblr for the past month. Fortunately, wine is still a big presence in my everyday life. So as a way of diving back in, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I’ve tasted some delicious wines thanks to the generosity of new friends.
  • I even enjoyed some Cabernet!
  • I celebrated the arrival of Spring with some sunshine in a bottle
  • And I’ve started contemplating taking the WSET Advanced courses, but instead of weekly sessions here in D.C., as an immersion course at the Napa Valley Wine Academy. The only thing stopping me is a lack of funding now that Spring release season has killed my budget. I wonder if they give scholarships to non-industry people. 😉 

Looking forward to paying a bit more attention to this tumblr again as this minor obsession continues. Here’s proof, courtesy of a fabulous friend:

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