My Wine Media Diet

Just in case you’re wondering… 

My wine reading list is way too small, since I mainly use wine as a fun diversion from life, but these are a few of the publications (online and dead tree) that I regularly consume:

Wine Spectator.The glossy version is one of the few dead-tree publications I still read. It’s their profiles and features on wine regions or travel advice that I like. And while it’s fun to look over the long lists of wines they’ve rated to see if I recognize anything in there – I generally don’t pay attention to their scores. 

Terroirist, a blog that provides a great roundup of the daily wine news, and has some interesting features, including winemaker interviews. It mostly makes me jealous of the guy who runs it and all the access he has to winemakers and fabulous events.

Wine Berserkers message board forums. I’m mostly a fly on the wall here, but I’ll ask a question or post a comment every now and then. It’s been a great place to learn from folks who know more about wine in their pinky finger, than I’ll ever know. It’s a mix of winemakers, retailers, bloggers, billionaire collectors, and folks who are just plain passionate about wine. It can get really geeky at times, but it’s been a fun resource to discover new wines, or other web sites.

Wine Folly, a website and blog devoted to explaining wine. The author is a talented graphic designer and has some incredible infographics.

For everything else, I rely on my twitter feed, which bubbles up a little bit of everything.

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